Bare Root - 2nd Leaf Training

I started my orchard last summer and ordered bare root trees from Stark. So I’ve got 12 2nd leaf trees that I need to sort out scaffolds. Almost all of them have the same problem. I’d like to have a taller trunk to spread the scaffolds out vertically but they all end up with this Vase like shape. Do I need to choose a branch and train it vertical? At that point, I’d ditch some of these 2nd year branches that are close together and choose different ones on my new trunk. They are all dwarf or semi and I intend on keeping them short for easy maintenance.

Am I thinking of this right?

Here’s an example but regardless of type of tree, almost all of them have this shape.


I’m thinking the ‘dwarf’ ones you may as well accept the situation and start enjoying fruit next year.
The simi-dwarf might be worth the effort to create a new central leader if you want a taller tree.