Bare Root Pecans

I bought a couple of bare root Pecan trees from a “pallet sales” type of place early this year. They had a half dozen varieties, also apple/pear/persimmon/fig/blueberry/etc… No idea who originally grew them, the roots were fairly butchered and packed in what looked like sawdust. Plastic wrapped and a metal “staple” like thing holding it all tight. Very generic labels. Anyway the trees were large and looked to be healthy, as well as I could tell with them being dormant that is. Upwards of 6’ tall and > 1" diameter at the root crown. I direct planted them mid February, in an area that is very lush and close enough to a creek that the soil basically doesn’t dry out over much.

It’s now the end of August and they’ve never leaved out, never moved in the slightest. OK, no problem, $10 (each) down the drain. Was worth a short… But… Neither appear dry, the limbs are still pliable, and a scratch test reveals green. Are they for sure goners or is there a chance they could take off next spring? I don’t hardly see how but I also didn’t expect to see green after this much time. Hmm…

Oh I also bought a couple of peach, plum, and a persimmon and fig. All also direct planted, in possibly less desirable locations, and all took off and are growing great.


I wouldnt bet against them leafing out next spring. But, likewise, wouldnt be suprised if they ‘woke up dead’ instead.


I had that happen with a couple of trees a few years ago. They died over winter and broke off at the top of the ground.