Barerooted trees trees with white mold on roots?

I have had some one year old barerooted trees delivered. Been in post 4 weeks.

They are quiet damp, so not dried out. But all the roots have white fluffy mold growing on them.

It’s not new growing roots.

What’s the best action. I have washed slightly put some Mycorrhizal fungi powder on them. Then potted up

But should I add some sort of fungicide abd/or root fetilizer

Any thoughts please.

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Add 1 teaspoon of bleach to 1 quart of water give the parts with mold on them a dip in that solution. Rinse them in there until you see no more mold.

The bleach solution can be used. However, we typically just wash them off with the hose prior to planting and I have never noticed an issue. You might want to make sure its not Woolly Aphid material, especially if it not common in your area.

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I don’t know exactly what your tree roots look like, but this thread from last year might help ease your mind: Burnt Ridge Rootstock Debacle - Rubber Bands are Not Expensive - #41 by krichberg

Krichberg and I both got some trees from One Green World that had some roots that were rather moldy looking. My two trees both came out of it fine though. I’m not sure how his did. So it may not be to dire, if yours look like ours did last year.