Bark cracking on my Li jujube tree

Today I find there is a portion of the bark missing on my Li jujube tree, which was planted last year. The trunk width is near 1 inch. There is also a cracking upward at the edge of the missing part. Here is the picture:

Though there was a heavy thunderstorm one day ago, the bark looks rather dry.

Do I need to do something for it?


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That tree is finished/done for. You should send it to me so that I can whittle a set of crutches for tiny Tim my son.

The jujube tree grows well and healthy on the upper part. It is as tall as 8 feet from 6 feet last year.

I don’t see much of an issue there. @jujubemulberry or @k8tpayaso could tell you more.

I just search on the internet. It says a weather stress could be the cause. This past winter temperature was as low as 10F here. And the peeling is facing south.

If you are concerned about southwest injury, paint your tree trunk with diluted interior latex paint at 1:1 ratio of paint and water.


If it were my tree I would probably look at it and say a few choice words and fuss at my husband for being careless with the mower (just because that’s what I do and he expects it… ) and then forget about it. I don’t think it’s bad enough to really hurt your tree and jujubes are freaking tough!!! But then that’s me!

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Bark on my jujubes have cracked here and there. It is only “skin-deep”. If it is deep crack that exposes heart wood, that’s when you shoulld freak out.

I painted my jujubes last month.


a deep freeze when sap is already flowing may cause splitting of stems/trunks, but it seems like it is more of a ding from possible mower scrape as @k8tpayaso indicated, or something else that struck that side. I don;t even see sapwood or cambium so should be fine, since you mention the foliage and overall growth are unfazed.

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