Bark on peach tree ok?

We got two peach trees and the trunk looks different on both. Is this normal? Is one not ok? One is brown and the other is yellowish green with broth spots. Our experience has been pretty questionable with this online company, one is a replacement due to damage to the tree during shipment. Company couldn’t tell me if the replacement was normal or not and wanted to send yet another replacement :weary:

The trunk color looks okay to me.
Some younger peach limbs may be green before thickening and turning brown.

If the canopy looks healthy, I wouldn’t worry about it.

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The branches look a little different summer green some are that spotted variation like the trunk and some damage to branches

It looks similar to a disease known as “Golden Canker”.
But peach & other Genus Prunus are supposed to be resistant to it!
Genus Prunus gets a very different type Canker disease from this.
So I’m perplexed.

Wow, it definitely looks like that. Hmm… I’m going to give it a week to see if it browns. They wanted to resend another, I’m done trying with this company. :weary:

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When things are grown in a greenhouse which has too high of humidity, combined with Iron not being fully chelated, sometimes species have a sensitivity to catching things they are normally resistant to as a rule.

The foliage and growth looks good, so it still looks fine to me.

I recommend to cut off the broken branches and up pot them as soon as you can.

What was the company you got it from? Was it a box store online, or something else?

Potting tomorrow but still questioning it. I hope it turns out okay.

Fast growing trees.

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Got cherry from them, it arrived fine, I’d say maybe wait but I am not really sure the bark will change its color in this short of a period of time

It should all be fine. The shipping damaged the tree a bit but everything else looks OK. The trunk color is meaningless, don’t worry about it.

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It will take more than a week for it to lignify but it will be fine. It is just a younger graft than the other tree so it has some catching up to do.

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