Battery operated shear/pruner?

looks interesting…

assuming this uses battery, anyone know more about this?

I use battery operated pruners. Unless I prune my fingers off, I’ll never go back to manual hand pruners (although we do small “clean up” pruning with hand pruners).

Scott uses a Zenport battery operated hand pruner and last I checked he liked it. I don’t know how much the Zenport pruners cost today, but they used to cost about $1K.

I use Kamikaze battery operated pruners. I have a pair of the battery operated hand pruners, similar to Zenport and the ones shown in your video. I like it for small trees.

I also have a short wand model that we use to do the bulk of the pruning. It’s a little safer because it gets your fingers farther away from the blade. Plus you can prune inside the trees and underneath the trees, without having to get inside or underneath. They don’t have to be manipulated like loppers, since it’s just a pole. Very fast and easy compared to loppers, which we used to use to do most of our pruning. Lastly, they will cut stuff which we would normally have to use a tree saw for. These things are stout. I like them so much, I ordered a second pair of the short pole pruners. Supposed to be here this week. They are pricey. My second pair of these were north of $1500.

Here is a video I did pruning peaches earlier this spring and posted on my Facebook, before we got frosted out. I used the short pole pruners in the vid.

Hmm, can’t get the video to play. Here is a short one put out by the company. The KV80, which is what I use, is about 2’ long.