Battery Powered Mist Propagation Timer

Any suggestions for an inexpensive mist timer? The battery powered Dig model I was going to buy is no longer made. I plan to use the timer to root some blueberry and blackberry. I did this a few years ago in a small rooting bed covered with plastic, but no mist. I need to improve my results and mist seems to be the proper technique

I made something after watching this video,that works fairly well.The whole setup is probably cheaper than a misting timer. Brady

This is mine.

Sometimes I’ll use two foggers if the weather is real hot.

Complete foggers can be bought on Ebay for less than $10

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Thanks for the info! That looks great I and may have to change my location so I can get electricity. Is your set up located in the shade?

It’s on the floor of a small greenhouse,which gets direct sunlight sometimes,for about an hour or two a day.I use a small piece of shade cloth,draped over the top cover,when this happens. Brady

There is also this one,Rick,a solar powered model from Mr.Soakerhose.At the bottom of the page,#544.I was thinking about getting one a few years ago,but decided to buy a used Electronic Leaf locally,which works about as well as the pond fogger setup. Brady
They list places to buy them online.

Thank you Brady. The battery feature will prevent me from having to get electricity to the location.

I liked your set up. Do you root a lot of blueberry and blackberry?

A couple of years ago,when first starting,I went wild and had and have more Blueberry plants than I need.Now,I’m more selective.I do put a few Blackberry stems in the mix. Brady