Bay Laurel now taking orders

Thought I would pass on for those working on their winter tree orders that Bay Laurel started taking orders this week. They carry most of the Dave Wilson stuff and seem to have a pretty good reputation.


Thanks - order now placed

I think there are better sources myself.

I’ve had good luck with Bay Laurel (2 orders)…but they do ship early for me up here, but i just make sure i have pots/soil ready to go to pot everything up. Worked fine both times.

Their trees live but they butcher the roots so establish more slowly than they could. I also received a 2 year old nect from them last season with no living buds on the first 3’ of trunk. No problem for me because I start my trees high, but not good for the standard training methods.

No other nursery I order from has so little regard for the value of roots.

Crap…Now I have to get my ass moving. I thought I had another month!

Thank you for the notice!

I ordered a Flavorella Plumcot and a Ghost Apple.

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