Beacon Food Forest


I was in Seattle today,on one of it’s seven hills,Beacon(there are probably more than that,but don’t want to get too technical)and stopped at the Beacon Food Forest.The place started about ten years ago and is expanding.
There are many fruit trees and bushes and people can pick some.Raised beds are also setup for gardening.
This sign greets people at one end

These are some views looking North towards Seattle and to where the forest is going

Many different plants


I’m not sure,does anyone know?


Nice size Figs and Mulberry trees


Hardy Kiwi arbor

Right now,the place is like a big garden with some fruit trees,but in a few years,I can imagine a forest,with interwoven
Here is their website:


Hi! It’s Leycesteria Formosa.




i see they like wood chips as much as i do. if i could get enough of them id cover the whole area. when mine grows in I’m hoping for the walking through the woods effect as well. I’m still also adding to mine. put in 2 more mulberries , 2 honeyberies, a couple gooseberries, a bunch of runnering alpne strawberries and stuck another 20 currant cuttings all over the property. mines only on 3/4 of a acre but I’ve lost count at around 60 different types of fruit, veggies and mecidinals in there. most are planted in 75yrd. long mulched rows. ill post some pics once everything is leafed out and green. still got about 4-5 yrs. before everything is grown out to size.


Looks good but tastes awful :slight_smile: Mine is about 7ft now and I am chopping it down due to lack of space