Bearss Lime


Today’s haul - 5 Bearss limes and a SueBelle white sapote.


They have Beasrss on sale now at Costco (Don’t laugh) for 18.99 for a 5gal. Maybe I can squeeze another dwarf in the yard somewhere :wink:


I managed to squeeze in a Bearss lime when one of my rose bushes died about 4-5 years ago. I have been replacing ornamental plants in the last few years with edibles. This is just one of them.

Since I don’t need so many limes for our own use, I have been pruning it to keep it within 3’X3’x3’ size, which means giving it a hair cut once a month during growing season. This year’s harvest is already more than what I need for our own use. I may need to freeze the extra for use when lime is out of season. It would be nice to be able to coax it to bear year round.


They often do that in cold hardiness zone 9b – however, you are keeping yours pruned pretty tight. Please post if you have success. :slight_smile:


Hopefully that will happen when it’s more mature.


I almost couldn’t believe it. I found a cluster of blooms with one fruitlet on one of the branches close to the top of my lime “bush”. So far that’s the only cluster that bloomed this time of the year.
Look forward to guacamole made with homegrown lime in Spring!




Today I harvested 9 lbs of fruit from the Bearss Lime and tossed another dozen with blossom end rot. There’s probably another 30 lbs of immature fruit on the tree.


Today’s harvest :slight_smile:

Bearss lime fruit 2018-01-25

Lime meringue pie

Wow. Nice haul. What a productive tree!


You seem to have harvested at a greener stage than the year before


That harvest was a bit late. I had three more harvests in 2017, this is the first in 2018.


I liked letting mine go full yellow and drop off the tree. They were so sweet that way.


If I leave mine too long, they get dried out


This was an in ground tree on semi dwarf rootstock. It also got my laundry greywater which helped a lot. Pots are a whole different animal which I might have to learn now that I’m in zone 7


Sometimes I’m surprised I get fruit from the potted trees at all


This afternoon Simeon and I “hemmed the skirt” on our Bearss Lime. This practice is largely for pest and disease control. It keeps the area under the tree from becoming a shelter for wild animals and it also deters diseases and insects from ascending into the plant. :slight_smile:


what did it look like before?


Under the weight of fruit, outer branches had extended down onto the stone perimeter and a few branches about halfway up were extended horizontally past the perimeter.


It’s a fruitful tree