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I saw this article today.A lot of it is not really new.There is a short video about caffeine affecting bee behavior.Shall I spray my flowers with coffee?(Oh,Beehave!) and also a fruit and veggie quiz.I scored 60%.Shouldn’t have second guessed on some questions. Brady


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I got 68%, 17 of 25 correct. The wheat question was unfair.

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68% on what test?

On the web page there is a hyperlink to click on,about three paragraphs through the main article and another place under the video about caffeine and bees.It’s a fruit and veggie ,multiple choice. Brady

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I found it. There was no wheat question on the quiz I took, but there was a corn question.

According to them, I missed one question and scored 96%. I dispute that score! Their recommendation would limit my fruit and veggie intake.


"“Excessively high temperatures are more harmful to most animals and plants than cool temperatures,” Kevan said. “When conditions are cool, organisms that do not metabolically regulate their body temperatures simply slow down, but when temperatures get too high metabolic processes start to break down and cease. Death ensues quickly.”

It’s not the only reason bumblebee populations are declining – habitat loss, pesticides, diseases and wildflower loss are also factors. There are more than 250 bumblebee species worldwide, and in the U.S. alone, there are 49 species of bumblebees. In recent years, two species have gone extinct, according to the U.S. Forest Service. "


Interesting to see that. Luckily here in California it’s been much cooler the last few years. I hope they aren’t sensitive to all the signals and radio waves like 5g.
It’s pretty sad to see the bees on the ground from people spraying poisons. I always try and give them some honey water when I do.