Been Having a Lot of Fun Making Gardening Videos. Enjoy!

I hope you guys can learn something! Let me know what ya think… :smiley:


Great videos, One word of caution about grafting figs outside of zone 8b is unless you can protect your trees in winter they could die back below the graft union. I’m not to big on fig grafting because all my trees are left unprotected in zone 7b and if I do have dieback at least the plant will comeback if it was started by cuttings, Another thing is the size of the pot you start your cutting in will greatly improve the growth of your cutting. If you put cuttings of an aggressive grower like Atreano or MvsB in a 5 gallon pot they will often grow 5ft tall or larger in one season. I still enjoyed your video and it always makes me smile to see others enthusiastic about growing figs.
I love your idea of espalier peaches. Too save even more room you may want to think about planting a edible ground cover under them like strawberries, cranberries, low bush blueberries, ground cover raspberries, lingonberries, or wintergreen. Good luck with everything and please keep us updated.

Yes a wise word about grafting.

And I’m way ahead of you, haha. That video is a little old now, but I’ve already planted strawberries below the peaches.

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lol you the man Ross


The figs in vid number 4 look like they were really good! Nice job.


Thanks a lot. They really were fantastic. Patience goes a long way with getting that perfectly ripe fig.