Not a great video but I removed a bee hive from a sprinkler box today. Lots of bees took one sting on the nose. It was not pleasant

Well I can’t upload the video. Here is a still

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Can’t tell from pic…are they honey bees? If so, are you a bee keeper, and if so, did you keep them? I’m about to get into bee keeping and I’d really enjoy finding a swarm and trying to keep them next time.

I am a bee keeper. They are on there way to a bee hive now. I went back after they settled down and scooped up the rest of the bees. Good strong hive. Honey tasted like peach syrup

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Now I remember that you are a bee keeper- which makes finding those bees all the better since you knew what to do with them. I love that you captured and saved them…I am assuming you got the queen too or they wouldn’t stay where ever they are going, right? Its also neat that they already had made some honey. I’m also intrigued that it tasted of peaches. Neat photo. You may recall that I found a swarm last year but I didn’t have the capability of capturing it. Way to go.

I believe I have the queen. Hopefully they will enjoy their new home. Lots of bloom happening here so they should have plenty of things to work on. They would’ve gotten killed had I not wanted them so I am glad that the man gave me a chance to move them.


Mark, Are they Africanized?? If they are in a sprinkler box, I’d bee real suspicious. European hb’s don’t like ground nests.

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They where very friendly bees. I finished up in my shorts and flip flops and they didn’t seem overly aggressive. Any other way to determine if they are?

I think shorts and flipflops mean not Africanized.:slight_smile:

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