Before and After Photoshoot

I came across one of my old posts on another forum and I figured what a before and after shoot would look like and figured I’d share it with this community.

Burgundy Plum on left, Nectaplum in middle and Flavor Grenade on the right.

Necaplum is flowering right now and Burgundy plum is about to flower. Flavor grenade isn’t showing signs of life yet.

Big tree is still there to the right of the Flavor grenade and the orange tree on the other side of the fence got chopped when my landlord trimmed the trees which also damaged my fruit trees at the time, but they survived.

better after picture…

I went back and looked through my old pics and found one which shows a fair amount of the back yard. This isn’t a true “before” picture, as it showed the yard as of 10/31/2010. At that point, I’d been planting things for one season- note the garden on the top right, a few blackberries on the bottom left and a single apple tree on the bottom right.

Flash forward to this pic from Spring 2014 and it’s gotten a bit more crowded (and less shaded by large trees). After this pic was taken, I planted a few more trees, but it is a decent representation of the current state. You can see some stray cement blocks on the right where raised bed construction was underway. The square shadow on the bottom right is from a pallet of blocks I had yet to lug into place.

Of course, I’m not quite done yet. I’m extending the row of pears on the left, replacing the raspberries on the far left with early blackberries, a bed of strawberries next to the multi-graft apple on the right, and adding a row of stone-fruit parallel to the bottom of the pic.