Bella Gold Peacotum

Potted peacotum. Pollinated by Goldkist Apricot.

In-ground peacotum. Pollinated by F1 Morrpark Apricot:


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So i assume you hand pollinate>? Do you protect them somehow afterwards or is that not necessary? My Bella Gold should fruit this year.

I also hand-pollinated a few Bella Gold peacotum ( in-ground one) flowers with different pluot varities, then I bagged them.

I have to look for my notes to see which branch I hand-pollinated with what pluot.

The fruit on the pictures (in ground peacotum) were pollinated by F1 Moorpark Apricot. It’s only three feet apart, it was in full bloom along with Bella Gold.

Bella Gold Peacotum , harvested this afternoon.



How is the taste?

Hi Randy.
Due to the spring frosts of the previous two years, I had not tried the Bella Gold yet, and I was quite surprised.
The flesh has a texture similar to that of an apricot, smooth and dense, and the flavor is like that of an apricot, very sweet, and with more aromatic nuances.
Large calibre, skin with hardly any pubescence, and a beautiful yellow hue with a red veneer.

It is a variety that is very good.



Yes, I love this cultivar. I’m happy you are growing it – my winter is 7°F too warm.

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Hi Richard.
Damn, the climate of your town does not allow you to grow most of the fruit varieties, due to the lack of cold winter hours.
Take it with philosophy and grow good subtropical and tropical varieties.

See, I would like to grow cherimoyas, mangoes, and a multitude of tropical varieties, but these varieties don’t get along very well with my temperatures of -0.4°F (-18°C) hahahaha.


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