Bench Grafted Chestnut

I got some nice European x Japanese chestnut rootstock and scion from Fruitwood Nursery. Rootstock were $7.00 each and scion was $4.00 each, making for trees costing less than $10.00 each. Rootstock was very nice caliber, container grown, with a dense root system, and scion was of good diameter and condition. I used the whip and tongue grafting method and a hot callousing pipe for three weeks at 75 deg. to cure the grafts. Then I potted the grafts up in 1 gallon pots and put them under grow lights (still risk of frost outdoors). So far, the buds on all grafts are swelling, but I like to see a couple inches of growth on the grafts before I declare them successful. I grafted the following varieties: Marsol, Marrisard, and Szego. I would like to try grafting some Chinese cultivars in the future, but will need to find a good source of scion and rootstock.