Beneficial insects

I’d like people to post pictures of pests being destroyed by predictors.
I gives me so much JOY !!
Yes I have seen too much crop destruction over the years.

I finally got a nice photo of what I call a Red Wasp Juice Box.
They suck all the green yummy insides out of Caterpillars.

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On your asparagus it looks like?

That thing is intense… never seen one of those before and I think I’m glad!

Whoa, that’s … big!

Not a beneficial insect but a nice friend to have in my peach tree.


True that he’s not an insect, but he’s still beneficial.

Great thread! I’m very partial to my local pollinators and beneficials. Large numbers of green lacewings in my pomegranate trees this year, and they seem to be spreading out rapidly from there. Haven’t seen any aphids anywhere. Wish I had taken a better picture.

Please keep posting the beneficial insect pictures. I’m trying to learn which are the good guys and which are the bad guys. Bill

@Auburn, check out the Natural enemies gallery from UC Davis. Not sure how many of the same beasties there are in your local. :bug:

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