Berry plant and harvest report 2019


Okay, I’ll can or freeze some.

My initial impression is that it doesn’t taste as good as the juice from the masticating juicer after its been allowed to settle.


Thanks; frozen would be fine unless your are canning a batch.

Interesting about the masticating comment; I have found that the masticater, for certain fruits, grinds up rind and perhaps seeds and can impart a “green” or “off” flavor, so I often allow it to settle for multiple days in the fridge and then pour very carefully to avoid any sediment.

You gave as quantities 6.5 pound input fruit and 1/2 gallon of oupput juice (this would weigh about 4 pounds). I wonder what the weight of the discards was? (this would reveal the amount of added water to the juice)


This is my first year of growing raspberries. I planted this one labelled as “Fall Gold” from Indiana Berry. The color looks yellow when they start to ripen but end up being close to pink when ready to harvest. I also have Double Gold which is indeed pink. However the plants have different growth characteristics, Double Gold being upright and long and Fall Gold being more bushy and short. Do I have the right cultivar?

After uploading, it looks more yellow in the pics here :slight_smile: (weird morning light). Looking at some pics online, it is indeed very similar to this one

But nowhere close to these yellows