Best and worst months to harvest nectarine scions

When are the best and worst months to harvest nectarine scions in the San Jose/bay area? A friend just alerted me of a promising tree so I wanna get some asap but don’t want any wasted effort.

Typically, you want to collect scionwood when a tree is fully asleep (fully dormant). I hope someone in San Jose area will tell you what time that will be. When I doubt, I call on @Stan for an answer.

Will they be for grafting,when the trees wake up or chip and t budding?

@brady is correct. What type of grafts do you plan to do? Spring grafting or summer budding?

Whatever is the soonest possible grafting…I hope that means this summer grafting.

I have t/chip-budded stone fruits in June. Remember, the new wood desiccates faster. Better if you are in driving distance of scion source. Regardless, for an established peach/nectarine tree, dormant grafting is likely more successful and vigorous than summer budding.

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Good point @californicus If you stay far, just wrap the scion in a moist paper towel.

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