Best Apples for zone 9B

I have researched and this is a list of apples that I intended to add to my yard. Some one from Riverside has grown them successfully, Riverside has more chill and heat then my area. I caught the grafting bug and now I want to graft them to my 3 healthy apple fruit trees. However, I wouldn’t mine reducing this list.
I have Fuji, Honeycrisp, gala, pink lady, Dorsett Golden, Beverly Hills, Anna, Ein Shemer, Cox’s orange pippin.
Any thoughts on these varieties.

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After checking for chill hours, I ended up ordering King David, Arkansas Black, White Banana, Gold Rush, and William’s Pride scions. Wish me luck. I have 3 very healthy apple trees that I can graft these scions to.

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william’s favorite

is a decent apple in the same time frame as

williams pride

(It may not be scab resistant though…but I’ve not yet observed that affliction on it.)

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I grew yellow newton pippin in San Jose 9b liked it a lot

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It does well up here in West Marin (10a) as well. I pick it in December. Come January, the robins swoop in and strip anything that’s left. They have good taste (both apples and birds, though in different ways).

Ye should’na be eating the robins! Chickens now…