"Best" apricot for New England (6b)?


Just echoing what Jon said on Blenheim. Whenever I see discussion on how bad Blenheim is, I always want to quote this

In Central Valley and similar conditions (e.g @fruitnut’s greenhouse), Blenheim would be ordinary but its truly great in the right conditions - coastal areas with mild June weather.


That was the extent of my bounty as well, and it wasn’t even a particularly great cot. Orange-red probably would have been sweeter- it was a Tomcot. Perfect piece of fruit without a blemish though, and never once sprayed, just not a perfect cot in texture and sweetness.

In the future, I will spray my cots only once- same with cherries. They set fruit before pests arrive here and are far enough along by my second insecticide-fungicide spray which I will hold from them. We shall see how that works out. Too much rain during ripening and it may not work out well.


@californicus, when grown in prime locations, Blenheim is one of the better apricots, most people consider it the best, it is the #1 apricot grown in California. Due to global warming it’s prime growing area’s have slightly changed. Don’t get me wrong, I like a several others better, but nobody should be bad mouthing them if they have had one’s grown in prime conditions. It is also one of the best to dry.


Blenheim in the bay area is good. Everyone on my street planted one after tasting the Blenheims from my tree. But for my palette, I like many of the apricots that @Stan grows better than my Blenheims!!! I wonder if David Karp tasted all of the varieties that Stan grows before writing that report above :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


Your tree looks picture-perfect.


Unless David Karp lives at Stan’s place from May to July, that’s not possible elsewhere :slight_smile: But he did rate Moorpark and Candycots highly which is similar to Stan’s ratings as well.


@Girly, beautiful espalier and nice looking apricots! A lot of us that have been eating stone fruit for many years prefer a richly flavored apricot with orange interior. Others want a really sweet apricot, orange, white, or yellow that scores high brix. After selling/sharing high acid/ richly flavored fruits with you, and hearing what varieties you like, you seem to like the very sweet fruits with low acid. So to you there are many so much better than Blenheim, but to someone like me that likes the high acid/sugar fruits, Blenheim is one of the better apricots. Like I said above there are several that I do like better than Blenheim for sure, but the Blenheim’s dry up very well, due to their smaller size and have a very rich apricot flavor that a lot of people like. I realize that @Stan probably grows the best apricots in the world, and I have not tasted all of them, but believe me, David Karp has tried a lot of excellent fruits in his time, and the Candycots/Anya’s were your favorite last year if I remember right. So it is important to remember that what one person like’s best is not always what is better, just what that person like’s best. I would bet that half the people here like the low acid fruits, while the other half like the high acid/sugar fruits. Above is a picture of some really nice dried apricot’s, what we do with half our crop and why I really like the Blenheim’s.


How wide is your trellis from one end to the other. It’s inspiring.


8 feet


My Tomcot and Orangered have thrown out 6-7 ft long canes. I may need more than 10 ft wide!!!


Yes I like 10 ft much better than my 8 feet :slight_smile:


@fruitgrower Gorgeous apricots, Those look so good and juicy!!!

You make a great point - I should prefix my comment with what I seem to like better (corrected above) and your right - that does not mean universal. I do enjoy high acid fruits but only if brix is high like your awesome June Prides (Anya has some nice acid and is one of my all time favorites) but I also like low acid fruits…

I liked Moniqui and Mirsunjeli Late from @Stan much more than my Blenheim but then again, my Blenheims were not grown in the best of growing conditions, they were right next to sprinklers. Both Andys orchard and my Blenheims barely have any acid and brix was around 15

I have removed everything and have a brand new setup this year. I think it is perfect now (many thanks to all the tips from you, Stan, fruitnut, Ahmed, bleedingdirt, smc and many others on this forum). Looking forward to some high quality fruits in the coming years and being able to have an orchard with all my favorite fruits! Cant wait :grin: :grin:

@californicus - Where did you try really good Blenheims in the bayarea? If I hurry I might be able to buy some before season ends here.

I agree with all of David Carps top fruits - but I just feel sad that some very good apricots didn’t make it into his report - like Moniqui, Lasgerdi, etc I wonder if he would update his report if he did taste a good Moniqui/Lasgerdi :wink:


The best blenheims I tasted were from Apple Park. It was the original location of Mariani orchard before it was relocated to Morgan Hill, due to tech boom. Blenheims were grown there for a long time, but the current trees are recently planted.

I think with your new setup (no sprinklers and effective water deficit), you should have much better apricots soon


@Girly, I have tried several of those apricots and to me they are good to very good. I need to visit @Stan’s orchard during the season to taste them again and some I have not tasted. As much as a lot of people like the white apricots, I much prefer the orange fleshed one’s, to me they have a richer flavor and remind me of our childhood apricot picking adventures. I did get scions from Stan this winter, but most of the viable buds fell off before I was able to graft. I do have one growing well that was labeled Selah, and I also have Moorepark growing again, the later I grew for 5 years when we first moved in, it was very good but ripened unevenly, always having green shoulders. He did send me home with all the above mentioned varieties, including one called Spark’s Mamouth, but only got to graft SM, as the others buds fell off before I could graft. I will try to add some others next year, as they all came highly recommended from Stan. For the record, the Sparks Mamouth took well, but the tree died later with what I think was Brown Rot. It is now home to a red fleshed apricot on peach root. I will try this one again next year. Your setup sounds great and I would expect you will be growing some excellent fruits in the near future!


Wow. What a beautiful tree!


@Girly, I agree with SpokanePeach, an excellent use of such a small area, super cool tree!!


It’s Shalah (a.k.a. Yerevani) — #1 apricot in Armenia.


Hopefully, next year most apricots will have a much better fruit set than this one. We should all get together for some tasting tests. :slight_smile:


Won’t say no to that :wink: we can bring a box of AnyaCots from Andy’s orchard for comparison.


That tree is amazing! Great work . Also please tell me about the netting cover.