Best Avocado Fertilizer?


I’ve been accumulating more, and more avocado trees lately, and I hear they like fertilizer.

What should I use on them?

I always prefered fertilizer with higher NPK values
(25-10-15 > 5-2-3) because I’ve always figured you’re getting more value from it. If lower is better, please elaborate.

Timed release seems preferable, not having to fertilize as often means less work.

Thanks for all your input!

I am sure, just like most plants, they will grow more with extra nitrogen, but I’ve found them to be pretty happy with my soil without much in the way of fertilizer. I mulch heavily around them with compost when they are planted, then wood chips on that. Sometimes in containers I’ll feed a little diluted fish emulsion, but not much beyond that.

That sounds exactly like me. I was kind of shocked and had a delusion for a few minutes that I created this thread. I also recently purchased more avocado trees and have been looking for good fertilizer. What I’ve learned so far is that good fertilizer for avocados includes coffee grounds, fish emulsion, and citrus fertilizer. If you prefer organic options, composted chicken manure is great. Regular chicken manure can contain parasites and harmful bacteria such as salmonella, but composted chicken manure is free of these and doesn’t have any odor.

I went to a garden supply store to get composted chicken manure today, but they tried to give me regular chicken manure instead. I pointed out the mistake, and the staff member apologized. He probably thought I wouldn’t notice the difference. Be careful with this when shopping. Composted chicken manure is labeled as “Composted” and costs about twice as much as regular chicken manure, but it’s worth it. Even so, it’s still less than $10 a bag.

They aren’t parasites/bacteria that live in plants, so, unless you’re putting the stuff in your body, that part doesn’t matter.

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I put my chicken manure right on most things, I pile it up on extra hungry stuff like bananas and papayas. I haven’t found it to be too harsh for anything yet, and I take it basically right from the chickens ass directly to the plants. Sometimes I dig it under the mulch and sometimes I just pile it on

i use citrus fertilizer, fish emulsion, worm castings and magnesium sulfate

Sorry for slacking on my response…

l’ve done some things to my avocados.

First, while sometimes I do get bags of manure, (usually for soil amendments during planting) I find it a bit of a hassle compared to just a scoop of granulated fertilizer or fertigation. That being said, I have a friend that’s gotten really into animals; he has a lot of chickens and pigs. I haven’t gotten any chickens manure from him yet, but last winter he was cleaning out his pig pen and gave me a dump trailer load of it.

After reading all your comments, I loaded my avocados with it when I planted my lastest tree.

I haven’t found a good source of woodchips/mulch yet but we went to tractor supply and bought a few bags of course pine shavings to use for now.

I also did a little research and found this fertilizer:

The bag says it is a slow release with the micro nutrients too. I believe 12% soluble potash. I also put this stuff on…my avos will either jump out of the ground or burn in a giant blaze of glory.

Chipdrop has worked very well for me. And it’s free! Though you’ll get it sooner if you offer a tip.