Best backpack sprayer

Hi guys,

My backpack sprayer is no longer working- the holes are clogged. I tried replacing with new nozzles and its still not working properly… it is old and needs replacing.

Can someone suggest an easy and reliable backpack sprayer? I don’t mind paying a little more if its good quality and easy to use. I mostly use it for Surround.


Midcoast Maine

I think a solo diaphragm sprayer is what you want.
I have the piston one, solo
But it would not like the clay in the piston.
Diaphragm type would be ok for clay, " I think"
Just my opinion , no experience with surround .

If you want a battery powered one this is the best one for its price:

It is rechargeable an can spray a total of more than 30 loads (120 gallons) per charge! I really loved this one, spraying became enjoyable since I spray mostly aromatic essential oils and organically approved mixtures.


I got a manual knapsack sprayer from CostCo, it’s cheaper than the one from Home Depot and many have told me it’s a reliable 4 gallon backpack sprayer.

I might get the one recommended by @MarionMeads. Am very tired of hand pumping, it gives me arthritis.

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I agree- I am sick of hand pumping!

This looks perfect Marion. Thank you :slight_smile:

I use a 4 gal electric from “My 4 Sons.” Low maintenance , good pressure, gets into the tops of my tallest pears. I only have to charge it about every 3 or 4 months. Comes with a long extending wand that really makes it pretty close to effortless. Only drawback is it is pretty heavy when full, I would guess pushing 40 lbs.

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I’ve seen that one and the price is more than twice that of Seaflo.

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