Best backpack sprayer?

Hi guys,

My backpack sprayer is no longer working- the holes are clogged. I tried replacing with new nozzles and its still not working properly… it is old and needs replacing.

Can someone suggest an easy and reliable backpack sprayer? I don’t mind paying a little more if its good quality and easy to use. I mostly use it for Surround.


Midcoast Maine

I think a solo diaphragm sprayer is what you want.
I have the piston one, solo
But it would not like the clay in the piston.
Diaphragm type would be ok for clay, " I think"
Just my opinion , no experience with surround .

If you want a battery powered one this is the best one for its price:

It is rechargeable an can spray a total of more than 30 loads (120 gallons) per charge! I really loved this one, spraying became enjoyable since I spray mostly aromatic essential oils and organically approved mixtures.


I got a manual knapsack sprayer from CostCo, it’s cheaper than the one from Home Depot and many have told me it’s a reliable 4 gallon backpack sprayer.

I might get the one recommended by @MarionMeads. Am very tired of hand pumping, it gives me arthritis.

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I agree- I am sick of hand pumping!

This looks perfect Marion. Thank you :slight_smile:

I use a 4 gal electric from “My 4 Sons.” Low maintenance , good pressure, gets into the tops of my tallest pears. I only have to charge it about every 3 or 4 months. Comes with a long extending wand that really makes it pretty close to effortless. Only drawback is it is pretty heavy when full, I would guess pushing 40 lbs.

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I’ve seen that one and the price is more than twice that of Seaflo.

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I would like to revive this thread. I think I am going to do some spraying of copper solution for fireblight. What are people and using for sprayers now in 2023? I have fullsized trees, though my worst trees are semi-standard sized.

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How many trees?

Well, I have 40 spread around the farm but ones near each other, not just random stuff growing on the edge of the woods/hayfield? 9.

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With that many trees STIHL SR 200 10 L Mister/Sprayer Backpack Sprayer - Ace Hardware would be perfect.
I have one

I’ve no experience with powered backpack sprayers. I see this model has a 2.6 gal capacity. For the winter (bare) and summer (leafed out) sprays, about how many gallons does it take for full coverage of your trees, and how many are there?

Well my 20 citrus trees froze. I could spray the 20 trees with one fill of sprayer and at a great savings in time. Spraying all took 10 minutes or less. With a manual sprayer it was much longer. Can’t recommend the back pack sprayer enough. However it is kind of heavy on your back. I used to have a 4 gallon sprayer which was really heavy. Chemical usage is less as you are spraying fog.
Screen Shot 2023-03-28 at 3.36.53 PM

So spayer is 20 lbs and 2 1/2 gallons is 25 lbs.

Stihl also has a 4 gallon sprayer but I’d recommend the smaller one as it is lighter.


So if spraying droplets according to EPA requirements on the pesticide label, perhaps it would be about 10 trees?

I like the sprayer. Currently I’m dragging hoses for a hose-end sprayer. On evergreens it takes about 1/2 gallon per tree.

I use a ryobi battery powered backpack sprayer. it’s been surprisingly decent. model similar to this. I wouldn’t pay much more than $120 for it… it goes on sale to that level a couple times a year


Thanks z0r, I see they also offer a 2 gallon model with backpack holster and a charger for around $140.

yeah just to contextualize… ryobi is a budget tool brand that has no specific garden tool focus. I found one on clearance and had low expectations, and it’s been surprisingly decent to use… I wouldn’t buy it if needed for heavy use or a business but it makes my hour or two of spraying per year, my least favorite part, much nicer. a lever-pump backpack sprayer would probably have been a better choice for my needs

I recently bought this, used it once, and with this very limited experience I say it is very good, and barely enough for my 60+ trees. It took me ~ 10 gallons to do the dormant spray. Little expensive but worth it if you don’t want to harm your back. Can’t obviously comment on durability.


You might want to speak to a salesperson at OESCO, if you are talking about spending in this price range. I was talking about a terrible one I bought from them years ago and he mentioned new products that are much better and less expensive that they carry. They tend to shoot straight although the last time I bought a battery operated sprayer from them the salesmen didn’t understand my needs (might have been my fault.) I needed a sprayer that easily rolls in rougher terrain. That sprayer was designed for rolling in a green-house. Worked great once you get it to a tree. Back then it tended to be hard to find anything that rolls.

Mist sprayers have their plusses and minuses. Terrible when the breeze comes up. In general, I don’t like back-pack sprayers- to me they are always uncomfortable if you have a sizable job. Much rather roll that 4 or 5 gallons.