Best chainsaw sharpener ever!

I posted this in the general category because a lot of us use chainsaws.

I decided to pull the trigger on Sthil’s relatively new chain sharpener.

The advantage is supposed to be is that it sharpens the chain,as well as grinding down the depth gauge on the chain.

I’ve only used this sharpener once, but my evaluation so far is that this thing does much more.

To back up a bit, most people who sharpen their own chains don’t understand the top of the chain is what does the cutting. When most people take a file to sharpen their chain, they file the teeth below the top, which does nothing for cutting performance.

The beauty of this tool is that it provides a depth gauge for where the file rides on the Z axis. So it provides an almost foolproof guide to sharpen the top of the tooth, which is really hard to sharpen with a traditional file via freehand.

I just sharpened a chain with this tool and it cut as good as a brand new factory sharpened chain.

If you are paying a professional sharpener to sharpen your chains, or throwing out dull chains, or putting up with low productivity with dull chains, you need this tool.

The only thing you have to worry about with this sharpener, or any file is to make sure you’re perfectly, perpendicular on the Z axis, to the bar when filing. Otherwise your saw will drift on big logs, and not do straight cuts. But it’s easy to keep the tool perpendicular.

Also, make dang sure you get the right tool for your chain. It can be confusing, so do your research. Sthil makes this tool for several different chain sizes, which can be confusing. For example there is a tool for 3/8" chains and 3/8" picco chains.


Here’s a pic

Btw, should you choose to order the tool on Amazon, be aware there is a seller who removes one of the files from the tool, then shows a picture of the “extra” file, trying to claim he’s giving you an extra file. This is a cheat. You need both round files for the tool.



For years I would just use a Dremel but you are correct about depth gage needing to be lower as well. How much did it cost?


It was about 50 bucks, which scared me off for a while. But based on my early evaluation, this sharpener is totally worth it for me.

In fact,had I understood how superior this technology is to old hand files, I might have machined the tool myself.

I machine my own parts when I need.


We’ve been using this type sharpener for our Stihl’s for about 3 years now. Our dealer sells them for $35. Took me a while to figure out the files can be replaced in this thing. I like to rotate the round files every once in a while to get an unused part of the rat-tail. We have 3 of these that covers most of what we’re cutting with (we have 8 Stihl saws).


Thanks for the the feedback Andy.

Sounds like you may be using knockoffs? If so, good to hear they are working as well for you

Sthil has pretty good quality control, so I paid double for their tool, which may or not be a wise purchase.

I have other reasons for not ordering products from China, which of course has nothing to do with (quality control) or the industrious or lovely people who live there…


No, we purchase them from our local Stihl dealer, Hudson Forest Equipment. I just checked their website, they’re currently $37.49, up just a bit since our last purchase.


Like paddy, I use a Dremel . With a diamond stone.
Free hand , so takes a steady hand, good eye.
Use flat file for rakers,
Sharp as can be, quick. Easy,

Thanks Andy. I guess I paid more than I should have for mine, but still worth it. :wink:


Sounds like you have your Dremel down really well, so for sure go with what works for you.

However, the ease of this tool can’t be surpassed free hand, imo. The depth is just so tricky to hold steady free hand, where this tool puts it perfect every time.

It’s sort of like sharpening drill bits free hand. Yeah, lots of folks can do a decent job free hand, but nothing compared to using a Darex drill sharpener, which puts a perfect 118 degree point (if that’s your preference) perfectly centered, every time.

I was surprised how this chain sharpening tool depth guides, keeps the round file higher on the cutters than I thought it needed to be. The guides kept the rat tail file almost 50% above the cutter, and 50% below. And again, there was no guessing on the rakers. They were filed perfectly, automatically while sharpening the cutters.

I’ve just used it once, so I can’t give a really true valuation, but based on my one experience, I would have paid even more than than I did for this sharpener, which restores my saw chain in factory sharp condition with such ease.


I have seen the tool you speak of, but it was a bit too costly for my tastes. So, I ended up getting a different Stihl kit like this. My bro in law taught me a couple times how to sharpen it with the round file, and I have since done it myself a couple times with success. I prob don’t use my saw nearly as much as you, or on really big timber, but it seems like it doesn’t pull off center much.

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Hi Subdood,

Actually I also have that same kit you show. I know what you are saying about using the kit if you don’t use your saw much. I do use mine quite a bit, so this new sharpening tool is the bomb for me.


After having used manual sharpeners for a while I switched over to an electric one. Should have done it a long time ago.

Just the speed and consistency gains are well worth it in my case. You still need a depth gauge and file. The chain guide itself is worth it even if you do things manually.

You have to watch what the Stihl dealer is charging, I have gotten home, looked at my receipt and thought “wait, what?” Then logged into Stihl’s website and found a cheaper price.
I then call my dealer and he refunds me.
So now I try to order online and pickup in the store, not sure how many times this happened before I wised up.
Don’t know about your dealer but small items are not marked with a price, large items, saws have the stock tag with the MSRP on them

I know, find another dealer…

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Just checked my local website, logged into Stihl, $42.99 for the STIHL 2 in 1 Filing Guide
This is CA so we pay a premium for everything…

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Can you (or someone else) share a link to the exact tool you’re talking about?

These are like the the ones I use in my dremel tool to sharpen.
Mine may be different brand.?
May work in a drill? Have not tried that, I use a dremel.
Works good !

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