Best dwarf or semi-dwarf apple rootstock!

Hi all,

I would like to get your opinion on which dwarf or semi-dwarf apple rootstocks are best for multiple disease resistance and others for growing in the Mid Atlantic VA. USDA zone 8a near the coast with clay below the 16”-22” of topsoil.

Thanks for your knowledgeable feedback!

I prefer geneva rootstocks, but also have bud 9 rootstocks and a couple trees on m26.

I like bud 9 and g41 for dwarf trees, and i like g890 and g969 for semi dwarfs.

The Geneva rootstocks have different resistance levels to fireblight, wooly apple aphids and crown and root rot. A quick google search will provide tons of info on them.
They do get a bad reputation for weak graft unions with certain varieties and i would definately support young trees on bud 9, m26 and g41.

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Thanks for your advices! That’s one of the things I have come across that there is so much controversy about the Genova rootstocks, I guess location has a lots to play on this roll! ??
I have googled but I just get more confused that get the right answers! That’s why I decided to ask the forum for opinions.

This question is akin to what car or SUV should I buy?

But, I’m not sure if many people know which is best in their own spot, much less which is best somewhere else.

I’m happy so far with B9 and B118 and G890, and somewhat happy with G202, G30, MM106, and Antonovka. And accepting of MM111 and M7. (M9, G41, G16…etc…not unless you are commercial, doing the irrigation, providing support, and other high inputs.)

But other than the Malling/East Malling Long Ashton roots, and Antonovka…all the others are too new to have been fully evaluated.

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I like M7 and MM111 rootstocks…but they take too long to bear.