Best Figs for Gulf Coast Area Zones 8-9

Hey Everybody,
Looking for some local advice. The Gulf Coast of the USA (zones 8-9) has mild winters which are great for figs, but the high humidity and extreme rain and subsequent fruit rots and foliar disease can take their toll. What figs have you found to be outstanding, or at least good in this region? What figs have you found to be a FAIL?

On my end years ago I worked with a experienced grower down there who trialed a number of figs. He found the following:

Excellent: Green Ischia was overall the best performer. I believe Chicago Hardy did quite well. Of course Brown Turkey, Alma and Celeste do well. He found Excel to be a fail, as well as others that I cannot recall anymore. I would expect the LSU figs to obviously all do well.

Looking for any educated input on this topic. And, if you want to trade any of these fig cuttings or sell any, please PM me. Thanks!