Best fungicide for serviceberries

I have some serviceberries ordered and they will be planted in a similar location to a quince I just pulled that had very bad cedar-apple rust. I also removed a spreading juniper in my front yard, but we’re surrounded by leland cypress and eastern redcedar, so that was likely not the vector.

What fungicide would you recommend for cedar apple rust on serviceberries intended for consumption?


I would be interested in an answer too. I would like to find a fungicide labelled for use on Serviceberries as a food crop but I haven’t seen any. It’s a food crop in Canada but I suspect it isn’t commercially grown in the United States.



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No personal experience because the infected cedars in my area led me to stick to other berries, but since they are in the apple family…I’d probably treat them like apples – this site talks about Immunox and Serenade: How to Identify, Prevent, and Control Cedar Apple Rust | Gardener's Path

And Immunox is seconded here: Serviceberry (Amelanchier spp.)-Rust | Pacific Northwest Pest Management Handbooks

@mamuang @scottfsmith Please Help!

I used Immunox for apples. Don’t know about serviceberry.

Others offer more organic methods for their crops.

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Thanks guys, I’ll give immunox a shot. I guess you’re treating prior to berry formation, so maybe the lack of organics isn’t as much of an issue as I’m imagining.