Best grafting sealant

Hi all, I have two grafting tools (thanks for the reco: Alan) and I have my Parafilm. There is a ‘black sealer’ I see in many of the grafting videos, but there is no name attached to it. I would like to get a sealant that will give me the best chances for success. Recommendations please.

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Folks around here swear by Doc Farwell’s Heal and Seal. My impression is that its similar to Elmer’s glue but maybe a little more elastic after it dries. You can find it with a Google search. In small quantities shipping almost doubles the price.


I use TreeKote and am happy with it.

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If it is like Elmers Glue will rain wash it off?

I buy most of my sprays on the internet and its the shipping that kills a ‘sale’ price or ‘bargain’. Can you buy Doc Farwell’s Heal and Seal or Treekote at Home Depot? So tired of shipping costs. I spend enough on trees!



I used a ring of toilet bowl wax this spring on my grafts and am very satisfied with it :blush: Cheap, available and will be using it next year too.


Johnny Wax- what Greyphase said. Available for a couple of bucks at any hardware, stays on a long time. Apply with a popsicle stick or the little white plastic thing that comes with codling moth traps.

(But I really want to try soft cow pies, which one of our member mentioned lately!)

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Once dry it will not wash off. If you let it dry on your clothes, it will remain there until the end of time.




As I said in my little summary, I prefer Gashell grafting wax. It doesn’t need to be warmed and doesn’t need to be painted on- simpler than any other to use and very durable as long as you don’t accidentally knock it off before it dries. OESCO sells it.


Interesting Alan, I don’t think I’ve seen that before. It sounds like it is more a putty than a wax. For bark grafts I use plumber’s putty to fill the cracks before painting over the cut surfaces with Doc Farwell’s. Maybe I could get away with one material with Gashell. Is there someplace to get it for less than $20/lb delivered?

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What little summary?

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And don’t let Doc’s freeze or it’s ruined. And don’t put it on too thick or it will crack.

I thank all of you for your comments and recommendations! xxoo

Around here the “black stuff” is asphalt emulsion, what they put on roof decks. It seems to be a west coast thing.

One little dab on your hands will multiply to cover your entire truck, tools, doorknobs, and bath towels. Heaven help you if you step in it then walk up the stairs.


Ugh, sounds really bad. thanks so much. Bitchathane?

It comes in spray cans too- just think of the possibilities!

On Mrs Gs post about her peaches she asked for grafting tips.

Thanks, I’ll check it out.