Best grapes to grow in in zone 7

I live in zone 7 and would like to grow some grapes. What are some of your favorites to grow that would do well in zone 7?

I was doing some research and came across canadice grapes but those seem hard to find. Any suggestions?

I am in 7a southern middle TN.

Started candice and concord (both seedless) 15yr ago… the candice did not do well and i recall the jap beetles loved candice and wore it out.

I eventually gave up on candice… but still have my seedless concord… but would not say that it a great grape for my 7a. It lives and produces but my clusters and grapes are smallish.

I can protect most of my grape clusters with 4x6 organza bags. Yes… smallish.

They do have awesome flavor… quite tart and sweet which i like.

Perhaps some other z7 folks know of some that do well.

You might also consider muscadines… they have some newer seedless varieties now. Muscadines are tuf enough for my z7a… i have lots of wild ones… but someday soon will have to try the seedless ones out.

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Thank you. I would like a seedless variety so that means I would have to buy a vine and not seeds, right? Do you remember where you found them? Online?

I got mine at Starks Brothers nursery… you can find them online.

Many on this board seem to like Isons… for grapes and muscadines… think their website is

Best I remember my grape vines arrived as bare root small vines…

For grapes these guys have a very good reputation and selection

If you’re in zone 7 southern US you should grow muscadine they are much easier and taste better but you do have to spit out seeds. If zone 7 somewhere else stick to grapes

If I buy bare root grape vines I have to wait until late winter to plant, right?

I like to prep planting area in the fall, and then plant bare root plants in it early spring.

The large majority of all the stuff I have (lots) were bare root plants. fruit trees, figs, raspberries, blackberries, goumi bushes, blueberry bushes, grape vines, strawberries, etc… no problem at all getting them off to a good start.

There is a post here on Muscadines… and I know some have the seedless types (Oh My and Razzmatazz)… and they are discussed there some. I love my wild muscadines very flavorful, tart and sweet… but I don’t eat the skins (thick tuf) or seeds… so there is lots of spitting going on when eating wild muscadines.

Those seedless varieties, I think also have thinner skins, which some say they eat well.
Gurneys is one online Nursery that sells those, I am not sure if there are others. Below is a link to their site and RaxxMatazz. It is somewhat of a everbearing variety… producing clusters that ripen over a long period. The Oh My are golden… they look great in the catalog, but check the post here on those to get some expert opinions.

Here is one thread discussing Oh My…

Here is one more…

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Yeah late winter is good. Anytime the ground isn’t frozen.

I do not know where you are in zone 7 but beware of Pierce’s Disease. Be wise to get recommendation from your county extension agent.