Best Grow Bag Brand?

As the title says, is there a generally preferred brand name for grow bags? If I buy any it will likely be at least 20 gallons, and probably bigger.

I have two form HTG Supply, I think mine are 40 gallons - I bought them in store. But they have different sizes. They lasted 2 seasons so far without any sign of degradation. Just do not attempt to pull it using handles :slightly_smiling:. They have different sizes up to 65 gallons. I used it for veggies, only complain I have they dry out too fast, but it is nothing that could not be fixed by wrapping them in garbage bag or plastic.

I’ve read good things about these…

I’ve used these and they are good…

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@TheDerek suggestion of Root Pouch bags might be an exception. I have not found any manor difference in quality with any of the vendors I have used in the past. I am currently buying bags from Winner Outfitters on amazon they seem to be the best bang for the buck,.

mine are white 30gal. from amazon. don’t remember brand but they’re very sturdy. i like the white as the sun doesn’t dry them out as quickly.

I’ve gotten several from Peaceful Valley and others from Greenhouse Megastore (the brown ones linked above). All 20 gal. The GM ones were thankfully cheaper, but the stitching of the handles lower quality. Heard some rips once.

I have to ask, what happens when the bag finally wears out? I would think getting the rootball into a new, floppy bag would be difficult.

Trim the roots sides and bottom. Roll the rootball on top of a new bag. Pull the sides up and fill in with new mix. Sounds easy. Haven’t done it yet.

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start with a smaller bag then upsize when it wears out. i start w/ 20 then to 30. once you reach your size limit , maybe trim the root ball a little then roll into a new bag and refill with soil like fruitnut said.

There’s not one brand that’ll come out and say they’re not the best. From Vivosun to Winners Outfitter, the list is long. But it would help if you considered the advantages offered by the bag over another. Is it more durable? More aerated? What about the handles? Can you wash them? Do they drain easily? Answers to these few questions will help you sieve out the unwanted bags. In the end, you’re left with only a handful of brands.

If I were to recommend a brand, I’d say VIVOSUN. But that’s me, and there may be better brands than them.

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i concur. for durability at least of the cheaper brands the vivosuns are one of the best. i prefer the tan ones as i find the sun and heat degrades the black ones quicker. i also place mine on plastic because if they are on bare ground they will root into the ground and also degrade from contact with the soil. there may be better more expensive ones but i haven’t found one yet.

I went with root pouch since they’re local to me. they have a few fabric thicknesses and UV resist levels, I got these and they’re pretty great. kind of hard to move though, I don’t fill them up until they’re in their final spot