Best herbicide to kill individual trees, and not a wide radius, on the cheap?

I have a few box elders and mulberries crowding a kieffer and a prok I put in this spring. I probably shouldn’t have put them there, but got an itchy shoveling-finger I guess. Thinking of killing the boxelders and mulberries; I could girdle them 2-3 bands and either put herbicide into the cuts, or just roundup the suckers every month or so for a couple years…is there a good, inexpensive and effective herbicide that also won’t leak back out the root system and poison everything around it?


Full strength Roundup painted on those girdles will get the job done just fine without leaching.

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50/50 42% strength glyphosate will do just as good of a job. I learned that recently secondhand from an IL DNR Forester’s friend.


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I’d cut the trunks completely off at about 5 inches above the the ground, then immediately: drill a few shallow vertical holes between the cambian and the core, tie a couple of diapers to the trunk right below the cut, gently apply pure Roundup to the holes and surface of the cut – making sure the diapers keep the herbicide contained.

I used Roundup to kill 2 trees of Black locust. One I needed to keep high for the post, so I cut it 5’ from the ground and then started to spray new grows with roundup. Second I can’t spray, as it was too close to growing staff, so I cut it to the ground, drilled few holes in the stump, pure roundup concentrate in them, covered with plastic and tied up. Both died in about same time. So, basically what @Richard said) :grinning:


Doesn’t have to be complicated. As said glyphosate - Roundup deluted 50/50 works. A few axe chops around the base or 3/8 holes at 45 degrees and pour in the Roundup.

Years ago I used 50% Roundup on boxelder, brushed on the stump within 2 minutes. It worked.

anyone with any soil-based thoughts if I wanted to kill a bunch now and plant later?