Best Muscadine Trellis for my layout?

I’m planting 7 trellises of 14 different muscadines, each trellis will have 2 different kinds of muscadines planted at 14’ apart. I know this is not the standard trellis layout but I wanted to try as many types as I could in the small area I have so if each plant produces less fruit I’m okay with that. I was planning on putting the end post only 2’ deep, is that deep enough for just 2 plants?

I’m trying to figure out the best trellis design keeping in mind the plants will be 14’ from each other at each end of the trellis. I’m thinking the double wire would be best but wanted to see other ideas and if there is a better way to run the wires? I have 1 dark muscadine and 1 self fertile in each trellis. I live near Chipley, Florida in zone 8B

You could save a lot of the hassle by asking which varieties are most likely to produce a good crop in your area. Given that you are in Florida, Supreme, Ison, Granny Val, Paulk, Black Beauty, Summit, Lane, and Big Red should be near the top of your list.

The best option for high density is a T trellis similar to what you have laid out. The wires should be separated by 4 to 5 feet for optimum light exposure. It is important to give the vines as much space as possible for root expansion. Each muscadine needs an area about 15’ X 15’ or something similar to that. With double that density, expect a LOT more pruning and significantly reduced crops until you remove the excess vines.

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Thank you for the advice separating the two wires more makes sense all 14 varieties do grow well in my area I’m just planting so many so I find the ones that taste the best to me. The taste is something that you have to experience for yourself you can’t ask that question if I grow something I just despise I’ll sell it and plant it with another variety that I do like.

2’ end post holes will be okay if the end posts are anchored, otherwise your holes need to be much deeper to keep the posts from eventually leaning in as you tighten the wires.

Also, I do not like having the trunks next to the end posts. I believe that you will end up regretting that. I did that on a couple of my vines and it made management a headache. Muscadine vines require plenty of space. Agree with Darrel that 2’ between wires is too close.

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