Best nurseries to get Montmorency Cherry


Yes he also lives nearby.

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Ill see if I can get it from there I guess

I bought mine in January from Peaceful Valley. It’s growing really well, like all of the other trees I have picked up from them. Not sure if there is any difference between shipped trees vs pickup, but I’ve had no complaints so far.

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Thanks for suggestion

Hey Clark,

It’s been a minute since I’ve been on, but got an email notify on your posted question.

As you know, of the cherries I grow I prefer the Early Richmond. I would say however that if I were to have to replace it I would put a Monty in. They are so similar, and yet the Monty has a bigger pit allowing for use of a pitter.

We’ve just kind of started our cherry picking a couple days ago (everything is behind this year) and so far the grand-kids have 19 gallons (15 CJ & 4 ER) with the promise of more pickers showing up today.

I took maybe a gallon of the Juliet as well.

If the pickers reliably show up, I think we’re on track for an average year.

The least we got was 43 gallons in '16, while the most we took was 71 gal in '18. I imagine we’re in the 45-50 gal range for this year.

We’ve had quite a few with minor/healed rain cracks, but other than than that and it being a later harvest thing seem pretty normal.


Only nursery I have found with CVI trees is fast growing trees. You pay the price for that kind of stuff.


I would not recommend Fast Growing By all accounts, there are more complaint than praises for the company.

Like several people said ordering your Mont this fall and have it delivered next spring. Being impatient and want it now may not be the best move.


Yes I’ll wait, now I just need the best nursery with the healthiest plant :wink:

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I had a tree from them, not sure this is a virus but was suspicious.

I purchased 2 Montmorency on Mahaleb from Cummins 3 years ago and was impressed with the trees they sent me. They’ve done very well.

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I got mine from ACN a long time ago. Tree is doing great 20 years later. Oddly enough it was a mistake, I didn’t order it. But fortunately I decided to plant it…


I was going to get one on Mahaleb but I have very heavy soil so i don’t know if it’s a good idea

I checked them unfortunately this many years later they don’t have any left

I know @elivings1 has trees from Raintree anyone else ordered from that site? Saw they sell Monty on Gisela 5

Mahleb is a good rootstock if you have sandy loam or lighter soil. Mazzard or Gisela 5 are better choices if you have heavier soil.

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Yeah rain tree had Gisela 5 that’s why I am considering them but apparently they can change the rootstock for next years sales, I’ll just have to wait and see.


Thank you for the response that’s very helpful on this thread. Please post a few pictures if you get time!

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I like growing tart cherries and have 4 cultivars. Montmorency, Carmine Jewel, Wowza, and Juliet. Out of those I like Juliet the best. Small pits, tremendous production, and a very good flavor. The easiest to pit too.


i looked at a virus indexed, university of California, Foundation Plant services, is it a smart decision to buy from there? The downside I see is a minimum of 100, and possibly the cuttings drying out since they ship them as sticks.

I grow those exact cultivars too, only problem, haven’t tasted any except CJ :joy:

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