Best Online Nursery for Blackberries?

I want to know the best, reputable nursery to buy blackberries from. Who do you buy from?

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Nourse is top notch.


Indiana Berry has been my go-to nursery for blackberries. All of the plants I bought from them sprouted after planting, and are still alive.

In 2018, I planted Freedom, Traveler, Osage and Ouachita. They have all produced berries since then.

Last year, I planted two Ponca, and one Caddo and Natchez. They haven’t grown too much, but I planted them a bit late (June).

I like IB because you can buy one of any of their brambles, unlike Nourse, where you have to buy 5 minimum. But, that’s not to say Nourse isn’t a good vendor. I’ve ordered strawberries from them and they did well.



Pense Nursery has the most in stock and biggest and best plants.

Nicest plants were from Double A Vineyards…but less selection.

Indiana Berry and Nourse - I think they sent me plugs… i would rather have bare root but thats me.

Simmons Plant Farm- Nice plants

Boston Mountain Nurseries- Nice plants


I ordered 40 Apache from a seller on Etsy last summer but I don’t see them listed any more. They came in so big and healthy for $4 each that I would’ve strongly recommended them.

Hartmann’s is pretty good in general and @lordkiwi might still be putting together a group order. Not a bad price per unit…

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