Best pears and peaches for canning

I’d like to get a list of those peaches and or pears that are good for canning. That stay firm when canned.

Also, does the time for harvest of these change if they are being picked for canning?




Douglas pear according to Clark,

I assume you mean in your climate near Albany NY ?

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Yes in NY near Albany zone 5b.

This year has been a disaster for me.

When the blooms were out it was 40 degrees and no pollinators. As soon as it warmed up, it rained for days on end and by the time it ended the blooms were gone

I would say that I have about a 1% harvest. The Saturn peach from which, last year, I thinned 1480 pea sized fruitlets and still had over 300 to harvest, this year I have 3 ( not 300, three fruits).

Seckel Pears and Methley plums set, but will not need any thinning at all. A smattering of other pears. This is a good year to spend on orchard maintenance and tending to neglected espaliers.


Yes, but the trees will grow like crazy without fruit on them… Sorry for your loss, I too share such loss of crop this year, due to hard freeze during bud swell here in CT.


That’s why they call it growing and not harvesting