Best place to purchase goumi plants?

Hey folks. I’m looking for some nitrogen fixers to place next to my muscadines. Any recommendations on which place to purchase goumi plants from? Cheaper the better. Appreciate any assistance!

These are the two cheapest that i know of:


I bought a cheap one from hidden springs this year. It isn’t listed as a named variety but they are nice folks and I was already placing an order. It looked fine but that’s all I know. Hidden Springs Nursery

Whiffletree in Ontario has a few goumi varieties.i am not sure they will or can ship to the US.

I’m a big fan of Burnt Ridge.

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I got a goumi bush from Hidden Springs Nursery too, and the fruits are indistinguishable from the Sweet Scarlet goumi I got from Edible Landscaping - same size and taste. Burnt Ridge sells a goumi cultivar with larger fruit called Carmine.


I only have gotten this one goumi, so I don’t know how the plant size would compare to other nurseries, but Jung’s has Sweet Scarlet for a decent price.

Ours is 3 foot tall and almost as wide, 2 years in the ground. It had a little fruit last year.

I purchased a Carmine(2 yr seedling) and Sweet Scarlet(large sized bareroot) from Burnt Ridge. I have not received them yet-shipping will be $22.00.

By the way, Burnt Ridge also sells stratified Goumi seeds. I got my pack of 100 today and about a quarter of them had started to germinate in the mail.