Best pollinator for coffee cake persimmon

Every fruit on my coffee cake persimmon tree was astringent this year! My Chocolate flowered almost a full month after coffee cake was done blooming.

Are there any other varieties out there that are good pollinators for coffee cake?

Thank you!

Chocolate is usually considered a good pollinator for Coffeecake, not sure why yours didn’t overlap. Gosho Gailey and Maru are other potential pollenizers. I have not seen the first two available recently.

I find it hard to tell which varieties are producing male flowers, some varieties only produce a few which are easy to miss but the bees find them. I’ve managed to get all my fruit pollenated every year except one year when I got about 3/4ths pollenated.


Thank you! I’ll post for some Maru budwood and try to graft it this year.