Best pot size for 1)blackberries 2) cherries?

2 questions:

  1. I’ve read that fruitnut grows blackberries in 5 gallon pots. I’ve been growing blackberries in 14 gallon pots. 14 gallon pots are a lot heavier (I have to move them several times each spring and once in the fall) and take up a lot of space. On the other hand, 14 gallons of soil provides a lot more water. And I use rubbermaid tubes that are wide rather than tall. So the 14 gallons of weight help my plants stand up to the wind (not always). I’m thinking of planting two blackberry plants in the same 14 gallon pot, but I’m not sure about the water. (I water all my pots every day in the summer. ) So what’s the ideal soil volume in a pot per blackberry plant?

  2. I’m growing 2 cherry trees in pots. The Stella has fruited for several years. It looks like my black pearl was ready to fruit this year. (Probably lost everything that’s not inside this week with temps near 20 degrees.) Both of these trees are in 14 gallon pots. Still, both these trees are too large. I’m thinking of planting the next cherry in a smaller pot. I would expect that would limit the yeild somewhat. So what’s the ideal soil volume in a pot for a sweet cherry tree?


Keep in mind that blackberry roots are very shallow when picking a container shape

One cane planted 1st year should sprout 4 canes 2nd year and that is plenty for that amount of space.