Best spray to use for cherry leaf spot

hey folks. i noticed my new nanking cherries have cherry leaf spot on them. what do you guys recommend for a spray for them. im new to growing sour cherries and i don’t want this to spead to my other young s. cherries and plums. thanks in advance for your response!

Myclobutanil. There are several trade names. The one you can find at Lowe’s or Home Depot is Immunox, multi purpose fungicide.


thanks. ill order some. read that liquid copper can be used with some success and i had it on hand so i hit them with that for now. hopefully it will slow it down long enough untill i get the other stuff.

Just reading a KSU Extension bulletin on controlling cherry leaf spot. Chlorothalonil is recommended at "bud break and a
second application 10 days later (full bloom to petal fall) if conditions warrant. Do not apply between shucksplit through harvest.
Captan and myclobutanil are also effective can be
applied at any time other than harvest. If the disease is still active, an application after harvest and two weeks later is recommended."

I use Captan/Myclobutanil, but don’t have good control of leaf spot yet. Does anyone have experience using chlorothalonil at bud break and petal fall? Our local store carries Daconil, (cholorothalonil) so I could buy and apply this weekend if it is more effective when used as the 2 early sprays. If less effective, I will stick with Captan/Myclobutanil.

I have used myclo for almost 10 years on cherry leaf spit, very effective. I sprayed twice at petal fall and 10-14 days later.

Daconil/chlorothalonil has a concern about post harvest interval considering cherries ripen very early comparing to other fruit.

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People just discuss that Captan needs to be sprayed with low ph water (5-7) to maximize its effectiveness.

Also, there are different brands of myclobutanil. Which myclo did you use? Eagle or Immunox? ( the two more common ones).
For Eagle, you need need only 1/3 tsp per gallon of water. For Immunox, you need a lot more (2/3 fl oz) per gallon of water.

Could it be that the ineffective of your spray was because of the issues of an amount of chemical used or a ph level? Just a thought.

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Thanks for your responses, mamuang.
I use Immunox and Captan, mixed according to label.
I don’t know the pH of my water, I will have to test it. Last year I acidified the tank in case my water tends more to the alkaline, but of course it was just a guess.
Getting the pH right will be a top priority this year.
I just wondered if adding chlorothalonil sprays at bud break and petal fall would have any benefit over Immunox/Captan sprays only.

I just use Immunox per label. That’s all.

I hope people who use other products you mentioned will chime in.

Cherry leaf spot can infect the small bract leaves the trees open first in the Spring. Here is link from Michigan State University on how these early infections with leaf spot can be a problem.

I have tart cherries and they get cherry leaf spot. I have sprayed a mixture of a Captan and Immunox or used Daconil (chlorothalonil) depending on the year and the time of the season. And as Mamuang mentioned pH is critical for spraying Captan.

I spray in the Spring one or two sprays between bud break and the popcorn stage. Then after petal fall I do additional sprays. I find the Spring sprays to be critical and the spray intervals also to be important. From my experience if even a small amount of leaf spot is visible on a tree the difficulty in controlling the leaf spot increases dramatically. I don’t see large differences in control between the Captan/Immunox mixture and just using Daconil.

But Daconil can’t be used between shuck split and harvest which is a disadvantage. However, Daconil can be used for peach leaf curl and used on many vegetables and ornamental plants so many people find Daconil to a useful fungicide to have in addition to Captan and Immunox.

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I missed your reply, sorry! Thanks so much for letting me know what you have used and also the timing. I thought my cherries were closer to bloom last week. They are just starting to show white now, so I want to get a spray down soon. I decided to try Daconil for the first 2 sprays and then switch to Captan/Immunox. Now to try get sprays on in between the spring rains. I hope I am not already too late :grimacing:

Just read the article you linked from MSU Ext. and wanted to say thank you for including that. The explanation for why we need to spray earlier, when the bract leaves open, was helpful as you mentioned above.
Bract leaves open prior to bloom, and open bract leaves can be infected early, prior to petal fall… At the bract leaf stage, trees must be covered to prevent infection prior to rain events that could trigger a cherry leaf spot infectionAt least two applications of chlorothalonil should be made before shuck split with the goal to minimize the potential of infection at this early timing.

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