Best sticker/spreader

What do you think is the best currently?

I can’t get Tactic in my location, but I can get Nu-Film P…are there any others better for dormant spraying fungicides on fruit trees with no leaves?

I use Hi-Wett from Loveland (owned by Agrium).

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Unfortunately I could only find that in the Netherlands and I don’t feel comfortable ordering in a language I don’t understand. Do you have an opinion of Nu-film?


As a substitute if you ever need to get something on and cant find what you need use a little dish soap Dish soap as 'sticker' | Lawn Care Forum . Many times with shortages it can be hard to get what you need at times.

I buy it from Nutrien-Ag.

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I live in Europe and customs will really screw you here if I order it from the U.S.

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Nutrien-Ag does not provide mail-order service. However, they are a subsidiary of the Canadian company Agrium who does have outlets under some other name in Europe – in fact worldwide.

Richard do you think silicon or pinolene would be similar or is one better?

Find your nearest location and have them ship it. Find Location

I’m a small customer compared to the farms that are their main customer base, but they willingly ship small batches like a single jug of Tactic to me from the closest outlet. I’m guessing all their stores do this. Here they ship UPS and it will drive up the price when you order something heavy like Tactic.

It seems they are the only source for Loveland products.

I use Pinene ll, seems to work pretty good. Keystone carries it.

I don’t trust anecdote when it comes to sticker-spreader evaluations… my own or anyone else’s. This is one issue that cannot be easily sorted out by personal experience. I want to know what the farmers in my area are using and any researched data. The advisors that work for commercial suppliers tend to be in direct contact with their land-grant universities as far as efficacy of such products. It was on the advice of one that I started using Tactic and I later saw some researched evaluations that confirmed its superiority over other products. However, I’m not sure how much difference this superiority makes overall.

I tend to gap my apps by 10-14 days regardless of weather and my results over the years suggests strongly that Tactic is doing its job even when heavy rain follows one of two essential insecticide-fungicide apps in spring. Here in the NE only two are often all that is essential for adequate protection from insect and primary fungus damage. Brown rot can be another issue requiring a single spray in summer.

I manage scores of small orchards and can’t run back every time it rains to spray again.

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