Best Strawberry Varieties?


Runners have rooted now. Probably best to wait for cooler weather to ship. I’m thinking early fall. They will be close to full size plants by that time.


I trust your judgement… we just moved into this place like a year and a half ago, it’s nice having things begin to fill in.

We are actually kinda remote, at the end of a cul de sac facing a river and this morning we caught a Kingfisher that was stuck in the net of our trampoline… It’s been an adventure out here


Matt- I clicked your link, and these are available right now. Just ordered my 2 stolons…


one of the best I’ve eaten is the older heirloom variety, sparkle. they are on the smaller size but very prolific and sweet with a very deep red color! smells fantastic! I’m going to add some to my earliglow patch this spring. my evie 2 produced from early july till the beg of nov! they aren’t the top best flavored but I’ve never seen that much berries produced over such a long period. had 3 good frost before they finally went dormant.


Hey everyone. I’d like to ask what strawberry would do well here in 9B Northern California (Inland Bay Area)?

I have a plant in the ground now (not sure what it is), it actually stays green all winter, but never really produces. It’s had 1-2 berries here and there, but really sad. It does get 5+ hrs of direct HOT sun per day during the summer.


Drew where did you buy your gariguettes seeds or plants?


I bought gariguette from the Legendary Strawberry Store. Currently they are out, it’s a fairly new store, so not sure how long they will stay in business? A few ripened last year, and they look true to type and the taste was very good. A unique oblong strawberry. They were very expensive I only bought two plants, I hope to plant out runners as they form to have a decent amount.


That’s exactly what I did, bought two and I hope to plant all my runners this year. Gariguette is one of my favorite varieties now.


I’m looking forward to this season. I redid my main strawberry bed. I have a number of cultivars that are 2nd leaf, so should show what they got. Looking forward to it.


There is a strawberry farm behind my house here in a very similar climate. They grow the best strawberries around here. They are growing Albion, Chandler, and Seascape. They are all good but the Albion and Chandler are the best. I grow Albion and get strawberries all season long, very large, conical shape, and delicious. These also last longer than other varieties due to being extra firm. I think Albion is your best bet if you like large and firm berries. The Seascape are also planted a lot here, very tasty, just not quite as good and firm as Albion imo. Good luck, remember to thin if you want the jumbos!


Great suggestions. I’ll try to find some Albion once the nurseries start carrying them for the year.
One other question, do you plant in a raised bed, or right at ground level?

My current (un-named) ones are at ground level, and I don’t know if it’s helping, either.


Mine are planted in large containers but the runners take over the ground near them so technically both. Its easy to protect the berries in containers though so my preferred home growing method. The strawberry farm behind the house plants every fall and fruits from spring through late summer. I believe they do this to get the most and largest berries every year. I keep mine about 2 or 3 years before replanting.


And just as I decide to swing by the local garden center on this “spring” day…
Surprise! lol :strawberry:


I wish I knew the variety of the strawberries we just had from Harris Teeter! They were super fragrant and sweet, and surprisingly juicy for grocery store berries. The package said they were from Plant City, FL, and I believe I’ve driven through that area when we took our kids to Legoland there a few years ago. They’d still be greenhouse grown this time of year, right?


Got a new variety from Nourse to trial this year - Yambu


Hi! I hope this isn’t a silly question; do you mean to thin the plants as in not have too dense of plantings or do you mean to thin the fruit as the flowers develop? Thanks!


Thin the flowers until the plant has some size and then let the largest berries ripen while thinning out the small ones. If you give each plant a good amount of space your berries will be bigger. The reason they plant in late summer is so the new plants get to a good size before baring fruit the following spring. I plant mine in the spring, about 6 plants per 30 inch diameter planters. Mine get large but not the jumbo size of the farm, and mine are organic which does not help with sizing. The taste is very similar. Good luck!


Thank you! I think my bed was too dense last year and I definitely wasn’t thinning berries so hopefully doing a bit of both will give me larger berries. Yum - can’t wait for strawberry season! :slight_smile:


I have Earliglow (I think) and I think maybe Ozark Beauty - some everbearer. The everbearer is nothing to write home about, unless it’s just the conditions I’m giving it that need help. I am trying to re-locate or have an additional area with better drainage and sunlight - a slight slope that’s south facing. I may look for other varieties. The mara des bois sounds very tasty and I was reading about Flavorfest - has anyone tried that? I was reading someone’s post about scarlet rutgers(?) but can’t find that for sale anywhere.


anyone grow musk strawberries? heard their flavor was very different to other strawberries and have muskiness like a black currant.