Best Strawberry Varieties?


I grow White D, I thought it was fairly new, but I guess not! What I meant. I looked at all the heirlooms listed for sale at the Strawberry Store. White D is one of them. Gariguette does look interesting too. I might pick a couple up.
I’m happy with the size of White D myself.


I didn’t realize it’s that big. Good for you. I have Hula and Hawaiian (probably the same just different sellers) and they are ok. Once I get Gariguette, I’ll save some runners and if they are not available, we can trade:-)


I’m making a new bed, as I divided a raised bed I have for easier access. I destroyed about 50 White D plants. I have 7 or 8 for the new bed. The photos that the Strawberry store gave for White D, do not look like White D to me. I have been growing this berry for 5 years now. They produce well too, but berry is soft. I freeze any left after a day, as at harvest time, production is high, so fresh berries daily.

I wanted to renew the bed anyway as production after 5 years goes down. So next year I will only be getting a few. I hope to keep this one going forever, just keep renewing the beds every 5 years. It gives me a chance to replace organic matter in the beds too, as they sink down quite a bit. This is a 12x8 bed, and I’m turning it into two 12x4 beds. Some plants to use for renewal were removed, hundreds of strawberry plants were destroyed.


Yep, photos from Strawberry store do not look like yours. These look awesome!

What a waste:-) I could use some of your discarded plants.

I realized about the width of my beds too, you’re right about making 2 narrower beds from a wider one. It is easier to harvest that way.


Would love to get a few rooted runners of the White D from you this year drew


I killed so many of them! I should have some by fall. I saved the best of the best.
I may be able to give you a couple plants in the spring, let you know, if all survive. I only need 5 or so to start a new patch. The beds are constructed. I will fill up with garden soil and peat in the spring and plant.

White D is good too, not the best producer but OK.if you have enough plants. I started with 3 plants, and had over 200 from them. Down to 7 now. My last harvest!


Sounds good, Birds probably won’t even bother them?


It took them a couple years to figure it out, less bird damage for sure. They did take a few.


Also I don’t need 25 Archer plants, if you want some, I will get them to you when delivered May 1st. If anybody wants to trade I will ship three or so for trades. I really only want about 10 of them.If you ordered some and want to mix and match, I’m in!
The nursery said I will be very happy with them, they sell 18 cultivars, so I assume they meant I made an excellent choice.


Has anyone grown Alpine Fragola di Bosco? I thought I might want to try an alpine strawberry this year in a container. And it is a possible cross pollinator for pineberry, which I also want to give a try, they do look really interesting.

Patty S.


I tried it, but it failed on me. It has small berries, or variable in size. Flavor is very good. I prefer Alexandria or Reine des Vallees (I have not tried this one). The berries are bigger, they are better producers. The taste is all there, and they have no runners. They clump grow, so you split the clumps up for more plants.
I have had some alpines that only seem to make runners and choke everything else out. These non running types appeal to me. I’m buying some Reine des Vallees this year. They are supposed to be better than Alexandria. I have a yellow fruiting Alexandria and it is a very nice plant, rare too!. Another great feature is these don’t need renewing, they will fruit for years and years.

Any regular strawberry will pollinate pineberries. They are just like June bearing types. They fruit once in June.Buy a couple plants locally, anything, for pollination.


Thanks, Drew. I’ll have Mara des Bois and Marshall, so hopefully, those will work. I thought about trying to plant a clumping alpine variety in the ground, in tropical bed, but afraid the snails will decimate the fruits. I’m safer to put strawberries in pots.


I was going to grow mine in pots too. I have the same problem here. They are micro snails, super small that are the worst. My evaluation doesn’t help much as your climate is so different. I have yet t find a red I like. The yellows seem to do better here. none I tried died, just grew like crazy. The reds all died on me, not sure why? Of course I like the reds better!
My Alexandria holds berries high, they are mostly not on the ground. I run my hand through the foliage to find the berries.Still I want them in containers.
Good luck, any are worth trying. Mrs G thinks they are too small, and production is low. She is right, you never get enough of them, no matter how many plants you have.
Yes Marshall and Mara des Bois should work great.


It’s funny as I have never seen a single snail here (SCS), yet at my work in Warren I see them all the time. One wouldn’t think 12 miles would make such a difference

I grow alpine skiing, from seed and only keep the white ones, birds are too quick with the red ones.

I tried growing pine-berries last year, but whatever was digging in my beds wouldn’t leave them in the ground. Thankfully I have killed whatever was doing the digging. Maybe I’ll try again next year…



Is there actually a Strawberry named “alpine skiing”? Brady


No, that would be spellcheck on my stupid iPad.

I grow a couple yellow/white fruited alpine strawberries…

I’ve got 8 plants I winter-sowed and have now brought in to grow under lights until hardening off time (late-March)



I have about 25 white Alpine (3 different varieties) and have enjoyed snacking on them while in the garden. They are a nice edge for the beds since they don’t runner. But the Earliglo, Jewel and Mara de Bois are really coming in now and are the stars. We picked at least 6 quarts today and got tired before getting them all. The last big rain was about a week ago, so they’re really delicious this year.


Oh wow, those look awesome, and big, too. Are the larger ones Jewel? I bet those MdB smell great, too. How’s the sweetness on the Jewel and EG?

I’m actually in the process of planting those two varieties. I got the EG in the ground yesterday, and I was starting on the J’s, but a storm brewed up so I had to stop. If the ground’s not too muddy, I’ll finish those today.


Looks fabulous you lucky guy!


How many plants do you have to get that many?