Best tasting apples


Wickson and Baldwin have had problems for me.


Crap. I just placed a Wickson graft on G.935 two weeks ago.


According to the article, it sounds like this is a problem on 3-4 yo trees. I’m going to make sure my 935 trees are firmly supported and braced for any wind. This tree wasn’t and I have a dried up tree sitting in my orchard because I did something that I knew wasn’t wise! I think 935 is a good stock as long as it doesn’t get too wind blown.


I hear you, I grafted 75 on 935, Chenango strawberry and a variety the orchardist calls pippen? Bet those weren’t tested.
BTW, Chenango strawberry was a very tasty apple, very reminiscent of fuji in a rd shape, but only stored a week and turned to mush.


Rick, it is on M-111, I would say production is about average.


No strawberries - they are way too much work and bending over. We stick to longer-term perennials like tree fruit and blueberries.


The best time to plant a tree that may take years to fruit is today.


I have an orchard of 150 varieties 50 miles south of Albany, NY

My Top 20 list includes

  1. Ashmead’s Kernal
  2. Pixie Crunch
  3. Pitmaston Pineapple
  4. Hudson’s Golden Gem
  5. Kidd’s Orange Red
  6. Golden Russet
  7. Hawaii
  8. Pink Pearl
  9. Rubinette
  10. Black Oxford
  11. Razor Russet
  12. Zestar!
  13. Karmijn De Sonneville
  14. Lamb Abbey Pearmain
  15. Chestnut Crab
  16. Gold Rush
  17. Wickson
  18. Orlean’s Reinette
  19. Frostbite
  20. Holstein


Nice list!! I have fruited most of those and they are some great apples.

There are some I just can’t grow in my climate: Karmijn, Hudson’s, Wickson and Holstein had too many problems. The only one I didn’t like a lot was Pink Pearl, but I only tasted one apple grown by someone else. If you like Razor Russet you should try Hoople’s Antique Gold, I think its a bit better.


Hoople’s Antique Gold is on my wishlist. i’m still searching for scionwood.
I’d also like to get access to Swayzie, Queen Cox, Norfolk Royal Russet, Cobra to name a few.


Hi Hudson- I will probably have a stick or two extra of Hooples next winter. Contact me in Feb to confirm. It has not fruited yet here so cannot vouch for ID but it’s from a good source. Steve PS am taking my extended family on a bike trip up the Hudson in June. We plan to sample the cider along the way. Any favorites for bone dry farmhouse style?


Thanks for the offer. Please let me know if you are looking for specific scionwood as well. The Hudson Valley has some great cideries. Top of the list might be Aaron Burr. The Finger Lakes has an amazing collection of cideries as well. Many produce bone dry selections.


Raintree sells the Queen Cox.


Thanks for letting me know. I’ll order from Raintree next year.


I have Swayzie if you can’t find it. It is a very nice apple, similar to Pomme Gris but a touch better. I had problems with the graft location but finally made a whole tree of it which is fruiting this year.

Some other apples not on your list that I like a lot include Katharine, Suncrisp, Mutsu, Adam’s Pearmain, and Reine des Reinettes.


How does Katharine ripen for you Scott? I know Steven Edholm (@skillcult) has videos of them hanging on trees into what we call the depths of winter here in IA. But translating his Mediterranean climate to our more humid climates with warm nights is hard to do.


Its definitely a late one. I only have one year of fruiting but it was between GoldRush and Yates - i.e. between “late” and “later” :grinning: Thats one reason why I like it so much, the late apples here can have really great subtle flavors.


What are your top ten apples in Feb-April. Are these ratings based on how they taste within a few weeks of harvest? The harvest season is short compared to the season of taking apples out of storage.

You don’t consider Baldwin a top 20 Hudson Valley apple at its peak flavor? I am near you, in Putnam County and tend many orchards within 50 miles, and at the right sites (very well drained), Baldwin can achieve great quality. At the wrong sites, not so much.


Scott - I’ve heard Hauer Pippin is a great late apple.
I’d definitely like to get some scionwood of Katharine as well.

i grafted scionwood of King of the Pippins (Reine des Reinettes) last year. I’m looking forward to trying it in a couple of years.

Alan - the above list is a top 20 list of table apples, ranking apples at their peak of flavor. i have several Baldwin trees. The trees have grown well. Baldwin might be my favorite of the multi-purpose varieties (cooking/eatings/cider).


@Hudsonvalleyorchard Contact me in Feb for some Hauer Pippin, I have it growing multiple places around my county.