Best tasting apples


What is your current opinion of the best apples? I’ve added Gold Rush, Jonagold, Red Delicious, Rubinette, Wickson, Williams Pride, Red fleshed seedling I call Hartmans Red Flesh @chartman. I currently grow a host of seedlings and prarie spy, Arkansas black, Haralson, honey crisp, Liberty and several others. I’m still adding varieties and still working on grafting so this is not all of them.

Wolf River Apple
Get Ready for Cosmic Crisp Apples
Pixie Crunch and

Pink Lady is very good to me. Of your list I have only tasted Jonagold, Arkansas Black and Honeycrisp. All three are very good.


Very good in my opinion, and it can successfully be grown in metropolitan San Diego county. I’m also a big fan of Gordon and White Winter Pearmain.


If I had a scion source I would be all about Elstar and Alkmene, they have excellent aromatic flavor. That older New York apple: Empire, is also a favorite of mine and I have a scion that hopefully will take this year.


Interesting factoid: Alkmene Apple at Wikipedia


Grafting hauer pippin and Kingston Black next.


I hope I’m doing this right…still new. My all time faves applewise would have to be Ashmead’'s Kernal, Hawkeye “red” Delicious…that would be Jesse Hiatt’s Hawkeye. His “Hawkeyes” were a red/green striped apple…'bout as different as today’s “RD”…stop rambling…and Arkansas Black. Oh, one more…Golden Russet…yum!


Empire when at it’s prime is a very good apple that for whatever reason (only around 11 brix), gets little play here. I like it also.
It has a problem with scab making it a bit less attractive for the BYO, but here at least, apple scab is rather easily curtailed.


I like Orlean’s Reinette, Egremont Russet, and Ashmead’s Kernal.


Fabulous russet - wonder if I could get it to fruit here!


If you’d like scionwood or budwood, get back to me later in the year. I will mail it out to you for the cost of shipping.


My crop of Empire as of now is one apple and it was very good. I have two bloom cluster this spring so I’m hoping for a few more. Bill


Goldrush and Jonagolds are some of my favorites. Gravenstein over Williams pride and Pristine which I’m growing all three of. My Gravenstein is very biennial so it’s nice to have Williams pride or pristine for early apples as a back up.

  1. Carjevič
  2. Kanzo
  3. Sirius, Mairac, Opal, Pink L…


Club apples can only be enjoyed at the supermarket and the ones I like to eat we grow for the most part. It’s less expensive and you know how they were grown. A couple of those varieties like cripps pink I have eaten and really enjoyed that I got from the supermarket.


I second Golden Russet. Ashmeads Kernel and Egremont Russet are both great, high brix, high flavor apples. ER does get rots and AK gets bitter pit…


My tastes will change as other apples kick in with productivity. My ashmeads and golden russetting haven’t given me enough yet to appreciate them. This year looks pretty good for both.


Today I almost finished grafting apples before it started raining again. I added a winter banana so I have a good interstem apple around and a wolf river. They say wolf river is a frost apple and not much good until after a frost. I’ve heard it’s not a fantastic apple but a good cooking apple.


is not created, if you know look and has “friends” in nurseries can be achieved varieties club, I have among other opal, choupette-dalinette, dalistar, rubinette rafzubin , ambrosia, lafayette, ariane, galaval, red pacific , fuji september wonder, fuji zhen aztec, kanzi, dalinco, dalisweet, dalilight, berchard chanticler, goldrush, pinkgold lataress , mairac, SweeTango, smitten,bukeye gala,pink lady,antares dalimbel, cameo, rubens and several more that I can not remember his name

there is a variety that and thought I would never find and after searching several years, finally could find this year scifresh jazz that locate a Czech friend in slovakia and was kind enough to go to another country to buy a few trees jazz sciflesh then send them to Spain, which traveled trees 3 countries before they can have them in my hands


Gotta second Bill on the Pink Lady vote. My store has been selling them side by side with Honeycrisp for half the price or less. This week HC 4$ a pound PL 1.49$, great apple