Best tasting apples

Have you had success growing apple trees with seeds from other varieties?

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Yes, from Fuji.
And am planting seeds from things like Odysso, Geneva Crab, Red Delicious this coming spring.

I’ve yet to figure to perfection how to get a high percentage of my home grown apples (and intentional crosses) to germinate outdoors in pots. (Apples from the store that have been in cold storage, the seeds can be planted immediately with fair to good results.)

I’m going through a learning curve as to dampness during seed storage, length of stratification that’s best,
how much drying the seeds reduces germination, etc.

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I can answer a couple of those questions. Apple and pear have the same germination requirements. NO seed drying at all. Cool moist conditions for 6 weeks at about 45 degrees, do NOT freeze!. Room temperature to germinate.

Some germinate in 90 days or so in fridge…room temps not required. Some don’t.
But thanks for your insights.