Best tasting apricot for Georgia?

I’m looking for intensely flavored / aromatic apricots. I have no experience with apricots. What does this community generally thing is/are the best apricot varieties for taste?

Might want to consider limiting your choices to varieties that have a reasonable chance to produce fruit in your region without requiring a ridiculous amount of spraying and other special maintenance. Among other issues, apricots tend to bloom early in the season so you may never get fruit if you have spring freezes which kill the flowers & buds. Consider investing your time and money in other fruits . A greenhouse for your apricots may give you a better chance for success.

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I’ve heard of folks in PA zone 7a getting fruit every other year. So I would assume my 7b is a little better. I’d be happy with fruit every other year.

You will get apricots to fruit with no problem. Like Dan said though stone fruits require an insane amount of spraying to fight brown rot. I am getting rid of some of mine over it.

Ughh this stinks. :frowning_face: No apricots? :sob: What if we bag the fruits with those so called clemson bags?

It’s not just the fruits, the trees get rots and have a lot of challenges not present in other choices. I’ve avoided stone fruits in my plans even though I know the reward of excellent food would be there if I succeeded, I just don’t have that much time or energy to devote to the amount of spray needed.

I had lots of stone fruit trees. You just have to be willing to buy super expensive sprays and do a lot of spraying among other things. I started with about 30 stone fruit trees and have now been reducing the number to the ones presenting the least amount of problems. Which means most are out or on the way out.

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Which are still around, if you don’t mind me asking?

I cut out about 10 this year, but I’m just getting started. Cherries have done OK. They are not to needy in the spray department. Apricots a little worse. Plums and peaches are where the rot really hits hard. For me anyway, but I’m not to far from you. Others may argue, but to me I find the earlier they ripen the less you have to fight with them. Some varieties have done better than others, but not by much.

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I have one here in TN 7a… and it does not look happy or healthy… despite everything else growing in same place doing extremely well.

This was year 2 for it… did put out a few gorgeous blooms this spring… but no fruit.

Mine leafs out nicely in spring… but when our heat comes on… it drops many leaves… except on the limb tips.

Long shot for sure for me… since I do not spray. If it does not start growing better… I have some raspberries that are going to over take it.

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