Best treatment program for Peaches and Apples

I started growing fruit trees about 15 years ago and it was a disaster. Started with 3 cherry trees from Gurneys that all died after 2 to 4 years and apple trees that did nothing. About 5 years ago bought a peach tree from Lowes (it came from Dave Wilson) and it grew and finally produced peaches. I was hooked and over the last 3 years have bought about 7 or 8 peach trees with different varieties, With the exception of one tree I have had no blights/fungus etc. other than Japanese Beetle problems.

For the peaches I have read that it is good to use a Copper 2 to 3 treatments during the dormant stage and then use a fungicide starting with budding. Is this correct? What I the right mixture per gallon for the copper and what fungicide, mixture and frequency of application do people recommend?

Same question for Apple Trees, I have bought better varieties but Apple Cedar Rust is a bad problem where I live - Piedmont area, Virginia.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

I use Myclobutanil against cedar apple rust - it takes multiple applications in the spring, when the weather is cool and wet - if you can find a cedar tree with the orange galls, you spray when the galls are enlarged

As for copper, there are different products, you’ll need to use the directions on the label

Thanks everyone for the good feedback! :slight_smile: