Best varieties of blueberries for zone 5B "container"

I am going to try some blueberries this year using the peat moss bale method. What varieties would you recommend for that method? Thanks


Most soils in the mountain western states has very high pH is what I understand. Growing in a bale of peat may be much easier than trying to lower the pH enough in the garden for blueberries.
Sunshine blue is one that will tolerate 6 or 6.5. (And will tolerate minus 20 degrees…even if Raintree Nursery says it only goes to zero. I have planted more Sunshine Blue than any other variety for edible landscaping in the Bluegrass of Kentucky. The crops are a little sparse…and scattered over several weeks. The blooms are hot pink. No pollinator variety needed…although I understand the berries are bigger when pollinated.

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