Best variety of tangerine types for container growing

Even when I lived in S. Ca my spot was too cold for citrus so I know next to nothing about growing it. Can any of you provide recommendations for varieties and sources of tangerine type citrus for growing in pots?

It is for a client that is already growing limes in Bedford NY and has a nice sunny porch to keep them during the warm months and a well lit room on the southern side of his house to bring them to when whether gets very cold.

One of the best mandarins for container culture (they’re mandarins, not “tangerines”, as that is really more a marketing term) would be Seedless Kishu. It is naturally a rather compact tree. The mandarins are small, but they are exceptionally good and completely seedless. One of my top three mandarin cultivars by far. Probably #1.

Thanks Hoosier. Any recommended sources for plants? Price is not much an object.

I would check Four Winds Growers. If your client is outside the citrus belt, you can also try Harris Citrus in Florida.

Thanks so much for the info Hoosier. You are the best.

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Anytime, Alan :slight_smile: If Four Winds is out of Seedless Kishu, jet them off an email and ask when they will have more in stock. Their trees are extremely high quality with a very extensive root system. I think you’ll be very impressed. Harris is a nice outfit, they have some very nice mandarin cultivars. I would ask them to send you their healthiest most robust specimen they can send, if you decide to go with them. I have seen some fairly wide size discrepancies going to folks from the Citrus Forum on GW. For serious hobbyists, not such a big deal. For a client, the quality might make a difference.

My ‘Kishu’ is in the ground, so I can’t speak directly to how well it would perform in a container. But I can speak to it being an excellent piece of fruit. Zippered skin that peals easily, with almond sized segments, and flavor pretty close to tangerine lifesavers. I unpeeled one in the kitchen at work, and the scent drew a crowd. Truly a winner. The tree itself is very handsome with much smaller leaves than most citrus, and small but very fragrant flowers.

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Logee’s carries them,but they are probably fairly small,being in a 4 inch pot. Brady