Best weeding tool

It’s that time of the year when I spend hours each week controlling my weeds and unwanted volunteers. Each winter prevailing winds and birds bring in a variety which cannot be controlled by chemicals, so over time I have gone thru numerous weeding tools breaking most to get out deep roots until I made this tool! Very simple to make and you will not need another for tough weeding jobs. This tool easily goes deep enough to pry out the toughest weeds getting the entire root out so there is no need to go back latter.

3/8” steel rebar with a homemade cedar handle. Very simple and easy to make.


I have an old flat head screwdriver that I use. It’s very similar to your invention. I have a few places in the garden that I just stick it in the ground when I am done. It just hangs out like a mini Xcaliber awaiting me to free it from the earth and unleash it’s mighty wrath upon the deep of root.


I like this rebar tool, explain to me how it works. do the ridges on the rebar help grab the roots of the weed and as you pull it out it pulls out the roots, or is there any twisting action involved

Basically it’s a prying action. I push it below where the weed root goes, as you pry up the soil surrounding the weed you are gently pulling the weed simultaneously, as the soil around the weed moves, the weed roots lose their grip and the entire root comes out. I also use it to collect fishing worms because the worms feel the movement and leave the soil to escape. As they come to the surface, collect for the next fishing trip.
Kent, wa

The best is the Weed Popper. It’s a long pole
with 4 thick tines like a fork that you kick into the weed, then step on a pedal and it pops up the entire weed, roots and all. Works great on dandelions, of which I have thousands. Chickens love them for breakfast.

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These are great tips, thanks guys.